AEGEE-information evenings in November 2011


Are you interested in getting to know young people from 40 European countries in 200 cities and perhaps more while getting a deeper insight for other cultures? Do you like travelling, but not superficial touristic trips? Do you like telling your ideas? Do you like to organize many different kind of events or just help a little bit?

Do you ask yourself:

What does A-E-G-E-E stand for? What can I do with this organization? What is a Summer University?

… and if your curious why there’s just one CD in Europe and what AEGEE has to do with CIA, just ask us… we will tell you about this secret…


Join our information evenings on 2nd and 8th of November 2011 at 19:30 at our nice AEGEE office (how to get there? clic here)

more information will follow…

if you do not want to wait and want to get information, just write an e-mail to