looking back to our last International Dinner

For the follow up event of International Dinnerparty 11/12/2011 we chose the theme “taste – dance – enjoy!”. For this special Saturday, the KHG (LMU) offered their Cafe, a cozy living room, which filled with happy guests from 7pm on. This time, we could present even more and even more exotic dishes: Quiche, Bortsch, Currys (from India and Pakistan), Tortilla& Torrijas (if you want to know the difference, join next time!), Pelmeni, Muffins, chocolate cake and Bavarian Creme. At the beginning, the glorious cooks were introduced, got their applause (standing ovations) and some didn’t miss out the chance to promote their dish (Bortsch – keeps you healthy and strong!). As soon the buffet had been declared open, the guests filled their plates and cups happily and the room filled with talks and music. The bartenders were rotating, the onset of winter provided us with cold drinks (straight from the terrace, typical AEGEEan improvisation) and tabeltop soccer got attractive, if you didnt want to step on the dancefloor, while spanish music made the hips swivel.

The most exciting moment was about to arrive: after the feast the cooks with the most popular dishes received prices. As the clocked approached midnight, we had to decline all attempts to persuade us to continue the party… Sure, nothing can stop AEGEE fun (except nighttime peace…).