AEGEE München goes Oktoberfest – Sat 21.9 & Thu 26.9

As on Saturday the famous Oktoberfest starts once again, we would like to enjoy the opening ceremony, starting at 10:50, together with you. Before we want to have a traditional Bavarian breakfast at our office. Therefore we meet at 8:30 AM to start our breakfast at our new office at Barerstrasse 21 and will afterwards go together to Theresienwiese for the parade.

Please send a message to pr -at- aegee -minus- muenchen -dot- de how many white sausages (Weißwürste) and Brezen you want to have, until Friday, 13:00. Please only send us the message if you are sure you can come, because we then buy the stuff for the breakfast. We are calculating the costs for one sausage around 1 EUR and a Breze around 0.5 EUR (just so you have an idea what to expect, if it is cheaper we let you know on Sat :-)). If you never ate them before, a good estimate is 2 Weißwürste (or 3 if you are very hungry) and 1-2 Brezen.


And because of the Oktoberfest, too, we want to have an International Stammtisch Spezial on Thu 26.09.2013, where we go together to Oktoberfest. Who has been together with us to Plärrer (the “small Oktoberfest” of Augsburg), knows that an awesome time is awaiting you!!

To be able to get into a tent it would be good to be there kind of early, so we meet at 18:00 in front of Bavaria. We know that this is a bit earlier than usual, but if we want to get a table inside a tent this is the latest we can meet (6 is already kind of risky ;-)).

We are looking to have a great time on Oktoberfest!

Your AEGEE München team