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AEGEE Cottage Weekend 2016



what’s your talent?

Are you the new Amy Winehouse in Karaoke? For your human pyramide you’d win gold at the Olympics? When you build a snow man, everybody melts away? You got ideas for Europes young generation? Your parties are awesome?

Come to our Cottage Weekend with other students into the pure nature of the Czech Sumava Forest. The motto is: AEGEE’s Next Super Talent.

What can you expect?
– Fun
– More than 30 new friends
– Team-building
– Parties with other students
– Talent show
– Competition, competition!
– Karaoke-competition
– Group acrobatics
– Our unforgettable European Night
– Hiking in the pure nature of the Sumava forest
– Skill Workshops
– More about AEGEE

Whom is it for?
It is open to everyone interested in AEGEE, and to those would like to get to know us and what we d...

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In Memoriam: Franck Biancheri

Recently we received the sad news that Franck Biancheri has passed away on October 29th. In 1985 he foundet the organisation EGEE in Paris that 3 years later was renamed to AEGEE. Franck Biancheri got the ball rolling that developed into the largest interdisciplinary student organisation in Europe. He counts as one of the fathers of the Erasmus programme having convinced Francois Mitterand in 1987 to support the programme. In 1998 he Biancheri founded the European think tank Europe 2020. Further he was honorary chairman of the party Newropeans who work for the democratisation of the EU. His visions will live on through the many people he inspired.

There is an online space for you to leave your words of gratitude for Franck Biancheri.

In the AEGEEan: http://www.zeus.aegee...
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AEGEE-München goes Agora!

From October 31st till November 3rd the Agora the general assembly of AEGEE which is held twice a year takes place. It is the biggest event in AEGEE with 600 – 1000 students from all over our network come together to shape the future of our organisation. Further the board of directors on European level – the Comité Directeur – is elected. This fall the Agora takes place in Budapest. Anja, Charlotte, Jeró and Venu will represent AEGEE-München there. Would you also like to go to an Agora? Join us and learn more! > AEGEE-München on Facebook


Further info about the Agora in Budapest:


AGORA Budapest on YouTube

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Summer University in Bavaria!

25 international students in one place – you’d call that an event. If that event happens to happen in summer, it’s a Summer University. We like to call it “The summer of your lifetime“.

14 days young people from 13 countries will travel Bavaria – starting in Augsburg, visiting Lake Chiemsee, over to Passau, then to the capitol and for the big finish to a cottage in the Alps. We will show them what bavarian culture and munichian hospitality really mean 🙂

Here you can see the programme

BBB-Programm (PDF)

Highlights are (for example)

  • Climbing the high ropes in Augsburg
  • Tour by bike through the place where 3 countries meet
  • Sightseeing in Munich
  • Brewing our own beer

If you are interested in AEGEE Muenchen, just visit us any Tuesday at 19.30h in our office or send an email to getintouch@...

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Summer University Planning

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