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Info Evening AEGEE Summer University


Ready for the summer of your life? Travel Europe with AEGEE Summer University! Sailing trip in Greece? Cooking lessons in Torino? A ride with the Trans-Siberian railway? Exploring Troy with AEGEE Çanakkale? All organized by students at a students budget. Check out all the destinations at ! Applications close Friday, 24th April. But, anything is still possible.

See us at our info evening, Thursday 23rd April 2015 in our lovely AEGEE office:

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Applications for the SU’s are activated

As of now one can apply for the summer universities. The application is via the intranet:

The application deadline is: 24/04/2011

We wish all applicants a great SU!

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Summer University in Bavaria!

25 international students in one place – you’d call that an event. If that event happens to happen in summer, it’s a Summer University. We like to call it “The summer of your lifetime“.

14 days young people from 13 countries will travel Bavaria – starting in Augsburg, visiting Lake Chiemsee, over to Passau, then to the capitol and for the big finish to a cottage in the Alps. We will show them what bavarian culture and munichian hospitality really mean 🙂

Here you can see the programme

BBB-Programm (PDF)

Highlights are (for example)

  • Climbing the high ropes in Augsburg
  • Tour by bike through the place where 3 countries meet
  • Sightseeing in Munich
  • Brewing our own beer

If you are interested in AEGEE Muenchen, just visit us any Tuesday at 19.30h in our office or send an email to getintouch@...

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Summer University Planning

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