Fixed appointments

Here are our regular events. If you want to get the program of the semester, just have a look at Events and to get updated announcements just check upcoming events.

Organizer meeting

We meet every second week for a organizer meeting in our office. Everybody is welcome to check out, what AEGEE München does. Just come around and check out what we do!  

AEGEE München Students’ Stammtisch

Every second week we have our AEGEE Students’ Stammtisch at “Der Akademiker” (Clemensstraße 128). There, you meet both international students from all over the world as well as international-minded students from Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you there.


Do you want to learn or improve Spanish, French, Russian or Japanese? Do you speak German, Swedish or Italian? Come and find yourself a language partner! Visit or join our facebook group. Regular SprachDUO-evenings and SprachDUO parties will let you meet you language partner! Contact email: