Summer University

Die Summer University (SU) ist das größte und beste AEGEE-Projekt, bei dem man etwa zwei Wochen an einem oder mehreren Orten mit anderen internationalen Studenten verbringt. Die Ausgewählten lernen sich zum ersten mal bei der SU kennen. Dadurch findet man sofort ganz viele Freunde aus dem ganzen Europa und kann auch allein viel Spaß haben. Aber Moment mal! Bei uns bist Du ja nie allein 😉 Höchstens bis zu Deiner Ankunft am Zielort.

Je nach dem Thema der SU erwarten Dich interessante Workshops, Besichtigungen, bisschen Adrenalin oder entspanntes Chillen am Strand.

Wieso solltest Du zuschlagen???
Es ist sehr günstig, es macht wahnsinnig viel Spaß und Du triffst coole Leute und machst Freunde im ganzen Europa.
Zusammengefasst: Es wird zu deinem besten Sommer!

Verpasse nicht Deine Chance und such Dir sofort deine Sommer University aus!

Hier nochmal ein bisschen detaillierter:

AEGEE Summer Universities (SU) are two-week language or cultural trips that take place throughout Europe every year between June and September. Your choices are:
sutype1 Summer Course (SC): Theme-oriented courses in a broad range of topics, from sailing to mythology.
Summer Course Plus (SC+): Summer Courses Plus are academic courses led by university instructors that deal intensively with one specific topic.
sutype3 Summer Events (SE): The main feature of Summer Events (SE) is their lack of a concrete program of instruction. Many SEs only last a week.
sutype5 Language Course (LC): What’s taught in the languages courses should be pretty clear.
sutype4 Language Course Plus (LC+): These are advanced-level language courses.
sutype6 Travelling Summer University (TSU): Travelling Summer Universities are cultural trips that offer a look into a particular region by visiting several places.


Participation in a SU costs between 120 and 180 EUR and includes room and breakfast (half-board), depending on the location and event. Accomodation

In general, participants are hosted privately by students. The particular form of accommodation is provided in the Summer University program book as well as on our website Board

The extent of board provided varies from SU to SU. However, every host will offer breakfast. Depending on the number of sponsors that the coordinators have found, there may be something to eat midday and/or in the evenings. Meals that are included as part of a Social Program (for example, group picnics and brunches) are financed by the participation fee. Instruction

Instruction takes place three to five times a week and lasts three to five hours a day. Instructors are generally language students who have experience with teaching. Many locals can even afford professional teachers. The language levels range from 1 for absolute beginners to 2 for more advanced students to 3 for students with good to very good language skills. Social Program

Every SU offers what we call a Social Program in addition to the daily instruction that includes, among other activities, excursions, city tours, sight-seeing, movie and theater evenings, and parties. During these programs, you’ll have the opportunity to meet local AEGEE members and to try out your language skills. In general, these programs don’t require any additional cost. Registration

Please contact us to register and for all information regarding the application procedure. Registration Deadline

The deadline for submitting all applications is 24 April! Chance of a spot

The acceptance quotas in Munich have dropped to between 60 and 70 percent in the last years. As the offerings this year are much more extensive than last year, the acceptance quotas this year may turn out to be higher again.