The association

AEGEE München e.V. is a non-profit association, registered on the 12 of June, 1986. Our aim is to support international understanding in Europe and make cultural exchanges between students all over Europe possible, independent of their course or political views. AEGEE is politically independent, non profit making and above party lines. Students for students, honest, multifaceted, by choice.

AEGEE München is a member of AEGEE Europe (, a roof organisation consisting of 200 member associations and 13000 members over all of Europe. Currently, AEGEE München has 40 members and is active locally as well as European wide, for example on conferences for European elections like “Y Vote on Creativity” on 21.-27. Februar 2009 or on international summer courses like the Summer University on 1.-15. August 2009 in cooperation with AEGEE Kiel and AEGEE Hamburg. There is an open meeting every second Thursday at 7:30pm in our office, everyone is welcome to join! For more information and current activities, please like us on Facebook: Do not hesitate to contact us, you can find addresses in “contacts“.