What does it have to offer you

What does AEGEE have to offer for me?

Travel, organisational skills, languages, friends, adventures abroad, the feeling of being at home in Europe.

AEGEE is a widespread organisation with many areas of activity. Thanks to its presence across the whole of Europe, it offers the possibility to travel to a large range of destinations throughout the year, to get to know like-minded people, and to organise unforgettable events for other travellers.

At www.aegee.org you can find hundreds of events which, as an AEGEE member, you can participate in. Such events promise to be:

  • Cheap
  • Interesting
  • Honest

Organised by other students like you, the events provide the opportunity to stay among friends or in hostels in order to gain an enriching and, most of all, fun experience in a foreign county, with warm and welcoming people. Indeed, as an organiser you give it your best as you know that at any events you attend you expect the same welcome and level of friendliness from your hosts.

AEGEE stands for openness between strangers and the one thing that binds us all: Europe. We stand for a Europe with many faces. The real Europe. We don’t hang around at party congresses. Our minds aren’t 24/7 on our professional futures. We experience Europe. And we enjoy it.